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Deep down, we all want to do great things. We want the opportunity to solve problems, enrich lives, and contribute to the greater good of our society. And this is why we created Assist 2 Develop. When you connect small businesses and entrepreneurs with creative problem solvers, amazing things happen. Together we can create innovative products, strengthen local economies, and give anyone the opportunity to tackle the world’s greatest challenges.

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Find top talent to help create your CAD drawing / design. Our drafters use professional grade tools like SolidWorks, Inventor, Autocad, Solid Edge, Pro-E, Catia, NX, and others.

3D Printing

Need a physical model of your design? Work with a 3D printing firm to have a model printed, so you can test, feel, and assess your product before committing to tooling.


Test the integrity of your products before you manufacture them. Our freelancers utilize finite element analysis software to confidently predict how products will operate in the real world.


Work with a manufacturing contractor to help bring your product to life. Whether you are in need of a mold, prototype, or low / high volume production A2D can help you find the right contractor.

Project Management

Want an extra set of eyes? For a small fee Assist 2 Develop can interject a project manager to help get your product to market.


Help when you need it.

Real Time Collaboration on any device


For Clients

Small businesses & startups have the opportunity to innovate & disrupt different industries, but the challenge is bringing the right talent together. It is rare for a single company to have all the required engineering & manufacturing capabilities under one roof. Many small businesses & startups have opted to outsource engineering & manufacturing functions to remain competitive, but have a tough time finding the right freelancers & contractors for the job. Assist 2 Develop is the answer.

For Freelancers

Most engineers we speak with love creating products that they are interested in or can make a difference in society, but it’s tough to find that type of work on a consistent basis. So they sit behind their computer day dreaming about starting their own design / engineering firm to break free of the corporate shackles, but they don’t know where to start. Assist 2 Develop is the answer.

A2D Subscriptions


  • Unlimited Bids
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Customer Support


10% of invoice
  • Unlimited job postings
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Customer Support


Traditional marketplace bidding wars cause a headache for both parties. Companies who post their engineering needs have to filter through hundreds of bids to find the right freelancer for the job. Meanwhile, freelancers have to compete with hundreds of other providers and have no way to differentiate themselves. Assist 2 Develop has a unique vetting process that connects companies with the right freelancer for the right job.


  • 75% of freelance work comes via word of mouth
  • 40% of all Americans will be freelancers by 2020
  • Solopreneur / freelancer segment is growing faster than overall labor force