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The future of tech is in freelancing and outsourcing, and that’s what we facilitate.
Assist 2 Develop is the premiere network in the engineering gig economy. Our team is constantly scouting for the crème de la crème of engineering talent worldwide and we have created an avenue for corporations looking to employ the brightest minds. Our network of freelancers are available for specialized, temporary hire, or a more permanent placement, depending on the needs of your company.

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Real Time Virtual Collaboration

Assist 2 Develop captures each party's knowledge, expertise, and ideas in an interactive social environment.

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  • "Assist 2 Develop found me a freelancer that assessed and produced in a timely manner." Gloria Ekelchik, Entrepreneur

  • "Assist 2 Develop is my go-to for all customers that need design work done from any stage in the design process." Sarah Kloos, Solid Concepts

  • "Before Assist 2 Develop my freelance work was very infrequent and 100% word of mouth." Daniel Lubbe, Freelance Mechanical Engineer

  • "Assist 2 Develop responded rapidly and were extremely professional in connecting us with the right professional for our specific needs. They saved us both time and money, and I highly recommend their services." Kerry Harris, Director of Angel 7 Industries, LLC